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Berlin, 27.06.2014
Day of the German Family Business

The room for family business leaders to take their own decisions is restricted by the legal demands of minimum wage laws, quotas for women or the reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). Professor Hennerkes, Chairman of the Foundation for Family Business, was critical of this in his opening speech at the "Day of the German Family Business" in Berlin.

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München, 13.06.2014
EU reform - proposals against the loss of confidence

Concrete proposals from the ten largest EU Member States for the reform of the EU have been put on the table and could be implemented immediately. This includes a self-limitation of the EU Commission ("Focused EU"). A new study by the Centre for European Politics (cep) on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses point to some ways out of the crisis of confidence in the EU.

» Download the study: "Reform of the EU: readiness in the ten largest Member States. Opportunities for greater subsidiarity." (PDF)
» Download Press Release "Foundation for Family Businesses: EU reform - proposals against the loss of confidence"( (PDF)

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Berlin, 14.05.2014
DIE WELT - Monetary Conference 2014

Today at the WELT Monetary Conference Professor Kirchdörfer, Chief Executive of the Foundation for Family Businesses, called for the reduction of the disastrous dependency between banks and governments in Europe. Around 200 guests from business, politics and science are debating today in Berlin the future of Europe and the single currency.

» Download Press Release "banks should underwrite government bonds with their own equity" (PDF)

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Munich, 08.05.2014
Family businesses - the best employers

Large family businesses are significantly better employers when compared to large corporations. Professionals and managers appreciate the work atmosphere, the self-direction in the flat hierarchies and the cooperative management style. The Technical University of Munich, on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses, has evaluated the comprehensive surveys conducted over years at the Career Day Family Business.

» Download the study: "Family businesses as employer" (PDF)
» Download the artwork: "Family businesses in comparison" (PDF)
» Download the Press Release "Comprehensive study on employer choice – pay is ever more important for women." (PDF)

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Munich, 05.05.2014
Ifo Study: Inheritance tax and family businesses

The Ifo Institute has studied for the first time in Germany how the reformed inheritance tax affects family businesses. 43 percent of family businesses surveyed said that they would have to sell their companies or parts of them without the tax exemptions for business assets at times of generational transition.

» Download the study: "The impact of inheritance tax on family-owned businesses" (PDF)

» Press Release summarizing the main findings and classifications of Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer, Chief Executive of the Foundation for Family Businesses (PDF)

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Munich, 06.03.2014
Study: Social beings or cold numbers

Family business owners and managers of non-family businesses were asked about their attitude towards taxes, employees and location. In terms of their focus on profit they don`t differ, the differences are to be found in their values. The study was undertaken by the ifm Mannheim on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses.

» Download the study: "Social beings or cold numbers?"( (PDF)
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