Becoming a sponsor


The achievements of the foundation are made possible by the support and financial commitment of family-business owners across German-speaking countries, who have joined the foundation in ever-increasing numbers. Sponsors are free decide on the extent of their participation in the foundation’s work and on the amount of financial support they wish to provide. That support can be anything from a one-off donation to the annual contributions that keep the foundation’s projects running.

Benefits to the public

The Foundation for Family Businesses is recognised in Germany as a non-profit organisation. The Foundation’s purpose has been confirmed under German tax law to be particularly eligible for promotion. Individuals or companies who support the work of the foundation through a donation receive corresponding receipts.

Deutsche Bank Stuttgart
Bank code 600 700 70
Account number 150 900 900

IBAN DE58 6007 0070 0150 9009 00


Foundation supervision

Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart (Regional Council), reference code 14-0563

How do I become a sponsor?

If you want to support the work of the Foundation for Family Businesses, you can obtain the required documents as a PDF file here or simply contact the foundation directly.