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Disclosure Requirements of Family Companies


Companies are expected to provide more and more transparency today. But some of the planned disclosure requirements extend well beyond the mere exchange of information with government officials. Confidential data from companies and shareholders will no longer be adequately protected if this data is posted on the Internet. The results of several studies conducted by the Foundation for Family Businesses are summarised in the video "Data Protection for Family Businesses".

The economic significance of family businesses


For more than a decade now, the Foundation for Family Businesses has regularly commissioned the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and the Institute for SME research and entrepreneurship in Mannheim (ifm) to conduct studies on the economic importance of German family businesses. Our short explanation video summarises the key statistics.

Germany’s next generation of business owners


Whether they are taking over the family business or founding their own start-up, the next generation of Germany’s family-business owners have one key professional goal: taking on entrepreneurial responsibility. Seventy-five percent of respondents in an empirical survey conducted by the Foundation for Family Businesses and Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen are not content to be just shareholders – they also want to take on operational responsibility for the family business. A large minority of those surveyed (39 percent) consider founding their own company to be a realistic option.

For the purposes of the survey, which focused on the plans of the next generation, 315 sons and daughters of founding families aged between 16 and 40 were interviewed. Only a small minority of respondents (12 percent) would consider selling the family business. Just 14 percent could envisage working as an employee in another family-owned enterprise, nine percent in a corporation and five percent in the public sector.

The full study (Germany’s next generation of business owners: an empirical study of values, attitudes and plans for the future) can be downloaded here.

Family businesses – an economic factor


The strong economic significance of family-owned businesses in Germany is underscored by scientifically substantiated findings and data. This film summarises the key statistics, such as the share of the workforce and revenues accounted for by family businesses, their significance on the stock exchange and their equity base.

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