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Munich, 2017-03-14

Jobs up 19 percent in large family businesses

Large family firms see strong jobs growth  Above-average rise of 19 percent, also in domestic market (with age breakdown for 500 largest family-owned enterprises)

The 500 largest family-owned enterprises saw an above-average 19 percent headcount increase from 2006 to 2014. Employment in Germany generally grew by only 14 percent over the same period, while the 27 DAX-listed non-family-owned companies posted jobs growth of only two percent. This is the finding of the latest study conducted by ZEW and ifm Mannheim on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses.

Munich, 2017-01-02

Country Index for Family Businesses: Czech Republic overtakes Germany for the first time

Czech Republic overtakes Germany for the first time

“What the new Country Index for Family Businesses tells us is this: Germany is by no means unrivalled as a location for family businesses,” states Prof. Brun-Hagen Hennerkes, Chairman of the Foundation for Family Businesses. “11 of the 18 industrialised countries examined come off better than us in this benchmark comparison. Germany is thus only in the bottom half of the rankings.” The locations above it are usually smaller countries in Western and Northern Europe. They have either led the index since its advent in 2006 (like Switzerland, Finland and Denmark) or (like Luxembourg and the Netherlands) have gradually improved their rankings over the course of time.