It is the diversity of family businesses that fascinates us. We explore this diversity. We are committed to this diversity. Many large and medium-sized family businesses support the foundation. Because a healthy economy needs diversity. And it is important to look closely. With a watchful eye. And a level-headed and nuanced approach.

The Foundation for Family Businesses: level-headed and nuanced perspectives on the economy and family businesses.

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The non-profit Foundation for Family Businesses is the most important sponsor of academic research around family businesses.

It commissions studies by renowned researchers and research institutions. It provides funding for academic institutions that specialise in family businesses.

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It supports scientists in their doctoral or habilitation theses on topics related to family businesses.

It is a primary point of contact for politicians and the media in matters related to economic policy, legislation and taxation.

The Foundation for Family Businesses promotes young people’s interest in working in family businesses. It enables family businesses to exchange ideas: regionally, nationally and internationally. Founded in 2002, it is now supported by over 500 large family-owned companies.

This is a lively network that continues to grow.

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