Clemens Fuest - Advisory Board
Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Clemens Fuest

born 23 August 1968
1994 Degree in political economy at the universities of Bochum and Mannheim; PhD at University of Cologne (thesis topic: A Fiscal Constitution for the European Union)
2001 Post-doctorate (Habilitation) at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich on the relationship between tax policy and unemployment
2001 – 2008 Professor of Political Economy at the University of Cologne; until 2013 director of the FiFo Institute for Public Economics at the University of Cologne
2004 Visiting professor at the Università Bocconi in Milan, Italy
2008 – 2013 Professor for Business Taxation & Research Director of the Centre for Business Taxation, University of Oxford
Since 1 April 2016 President of the Ifo Institute – Halle Institute for Economic Research, University of Munich,
Director, Center for Economic Studies (CES), University of Munich
Professor of Economics
Chair of Economics and Public Finance
Faculty of Economics, University of Munich
Managing Director, CESifo GmbH

Memberships in scientific associations and other activities (selection)
Member of the German federal government’s Minimum-Wage Commission; member of the German Academy of Technical Sciences (acatech); member of the Advisory Board of the Stability Council; member of the EU’s High Level Group on Own Resources (Monti Commission); member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Federal Ministry of Finance; member of the Advisory Board on Sustainable Development of the State Government of Baden-Württemberg; member of the Steering Group of the Tax Code Commission initiated by the Market Economy Foundation; member of the Kronberger Circle; Research Fellow of CESifo (Center for Economic Studies / Ifo Institute), Fellow of the Institute for the Future of Work (IZA); Programme Director of the Centre for Business Taxation, University of Oxford; member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Association for Social Policy, the American Economic Association; Board Member of the International Institute for Public Finance; member of the Editorial Board at several international journals and Editor of the book series Contributions to Finance.

Research priorities
International tax policy and public finances, the debt crisis in the euro area, international tax competition, the importance of globalization and European integration for tax policy and the impact of taxation on corporate decisions.

Publications (selection)
2016 A Viable Insolvency Procedure for Sovereigns in the Euro Area, Journal of Common Market Studies 54 (2), 301-317 (with Friedrich Heinemann and Christoph Schröder).
2016 The Economic Effects of EU Tax Jurisprudence,European Law Review (1) (with Rita de la Feria).
2015 The taxation of foreign profits: A unified view, Journal of Public Economics 125, 83-97 (with Michael P. Devereux and Ben Lockwood).
2014 Nice Guys Finish Last: Do Honest Taxpayers Face Higher Tax Rates?, Kyklos 67(1), 29-53 (with Philipp Dörrenberg, Denvil Duncan and Andreas Peichl).
2014 With Which Countries do tax Havens Share Information?, International Tax and Public Finance 21(2), 175-197 (with Katarzyna A. Bilicka).
2013 Profit Shifting and ‘Aggressive’ Tax Planning by Multinational Firms: Issues and Options for Reform, World Tax Journal 5(3), (with Christoph Spengel, Katharina Nicolay, Jost Henrich Heckemeyer and Hannah Nusser)
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