EU reform - proposals against the loss of confidence
Berlin, 13.06.2014

EU reform - proposals against the loss of confidence

The new study "Reforming the European Union: Readiness in the ten largest Member States" on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses has drawn up proposals to combat the currently observable loss of confidence in the EU. It recommends that the EU Commission together with the European Parliament and the Member States should limit itself to core tasks ("Focused EU"). "The European Commission should define its role in terms of the areas in which it has an activity and in those in which it do not. Because the perceived tendency of the EU to try to unify everything and anything, is a major cause for the massive loss of confidence in the EU," said Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Brun-Hagen Hennerkes.

The study conducted by the Centre for European Politics (cep) Freiburg presented several options, such as subsidiarity and self-responsibility in the EU, which could be strengthened without needing a currently unlikely and problematic change in the EU treaties. For this, the political situation in the ten largest member countries was analyzed. "The 'Focused EU' option could rattify the across the board displeasure about the extent of EU action," said the leader of the study cep, Dr. Bert Van Roosebeke. "You can - if the political will is there - help ensure that the impression of an overactive EU is no longer given."

In addition, the study shows that national parliaments could deal more thoroughly with EU issues than is currently the case. Thus, the specialized committees of the Bundestag that, according to the research in Germany, employed in the previous legislature only about 7 percent of the relevant EU templates intensively enough to be able to submit a recommended decision to the plenary. "The members of parliament should seize this opportunity more than ever," urged Professor Hennerkes. "For German Family Businesses this offers, for example, the opportunity to be better informed in good time and heard more strongly by the Parliament."

Concrete proposals from the ten largest EU Member States for the reform of the EU have been put on the table and could be implemented immediately. This includes a self-limitation of the EU Commission ("Focused EU"). A new study by the Centre for European Politics (cep) on behalf of the Foundation for Family Businesses point to some ways out of the crisis of confidence in the EU.

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